Snow Chains Canberra

It's that time of the year again! Winter is here and it is time to get out and enjoy all of that snow. Snow Chains are a must for travelling safely in the snow in modern vehicles, and Roof Rack City is here to provide you with all of your snow chain needs in Canberra. Our store in Phillip on Dundas Court is our store in Canberra that is able to supply snow chains.

Roof Rack City supplies both König Magic and Thule snow chains. In 2004 König was acquired by the Swedish company Thule, and so the snow chains from both companies are of equal quality and make. All snow chains have a 5 year warranty and allow you to drive safely and confidently on snow-covered roads. König offer the broadest range of snow chains for passenger cars with the best combination of ease of use, reliability and performance. We also stock a range of snow chains for 4WDs.


Snow Chain Sizes

It is necessary when buying snow chains to purchase snow chains that are the correct size for your vehicle's tyres. So before getting your snow chains, you will need to know the size of your tyres to find the suitable size snow chains. The main information that is needed is the cross section width of the tyre, the aspect ratio and the wheel diameter. This information can be found on your vehicle's tyres. Please use the image below for reference of what this information will look like on your tyre.​